Modern sales challenges should be addressed with modern solutions We use a comprehensive approach to fully equip sales professionals for success Based on the Brindis manta of ‘Think/Learn/Do the Accelerators are focused on outcomes

Each uses a number of interventions Suitable for individuals and teams the materials have been developed to drive learning and activity that wins
business IN REAL TIME

Learning Portal gives access to

  • vILT (vrtual instructor led trainng) sessions
  • Digital training assets
    – Boxxstep buyer enablement platform
    – Impentation tools
  • Live blockbusters and coaching
    – Community
    – AI powered coaching chat bot (Rocky)
    – Scorecard analytic
  • PQ Self Audit
  • Book
  • Podcast

Content + framework + platform to drive activity
= sales results

Collaborative Selling Accelerator

  • Based on the VALUE Framework
    Validate – How to check fit for doing business
    Align – How we can work together
    Leverage – How to make a sales approach
    Underpin – How to present, prove and agree
    Evolve – How to develop the business

Hybrid Selling Accelerator

  • Based on the EVOLVE Framework
    – Essentials of selling as a foundation for winning business
    – Virtual selling techniques and tools
    – Opportunity management based on delivering outcomes
    – Leading customers an
    – Value selling what it is and how to create it with – and
    for – customers
    – Expanding meaningful business relationships